Note-taking Procedures

You must be approved by your advisor for a notetaker accommodation before you can use the note-taking system. The following procedures only apply to you if you have been approved for a note-taking accommodation.

Step 1:

You must indicate that you require a note-taker for each course that you would like to receive notes for. The fee for notetaking is $150.00 per course per semester.  Please contact Colleen Smereka for Grant Funding options and Tracey Pitts for payment instructions.

Click on the 'Courses / Notes' link in the main menu, then click on 'No - change this' beside each course for which you require a note-taker.

Step 2:

Once a note-taker is available for a course, we will assign one for your note taking request.

Step 3:

Once a note taker has been assigned, you will be able to download the notes that have been uploaded by your notetaker. Click on the 'Notes' button beside the course you wish to download notes for. Note that you should download your notes at least once per week. If you wait until the night before a test or exam, the system could be unavailable and no one will be able to assist you after hours.